Shalom Mental Health & Wellness is dedicated to providing the best clinical care for those suffering from physical and emotional conditions, with a particular focus on mental health, psychiatric conditions and co-occurring disorders. Our practice is located in Davie, Florida – and is open to see patients at our office or virtually through our Telehealth system.


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Personalizing Your Healthcare Plan

Step 1: The Fundamentals

We look into the foundational elements of your chronic condition
– digging beyond the obvious symptoms to unearth the root of your unease.

Step 2: The Personalization

Dr. Wilkinson will sit with you to create a custom-tailored plan to tackle your issues and your symptoms from a holistic approach, considering your physiology, psychology and sociology.

Step 3: Conversational

Once formulated, you will be given the keys to understand your plan of approach for holistic healing, with a defined path to get you there. Ongoing communication checkpoints will be established to follow up on success markers based on your “into action” plan.

How We Treat

We know that disease and afflictions can manifest from many different sources, or a combination of environmental and inborn influences. Studies have shown that certain diseases and disorders may be due to a genetic predisposition, trauma, stress, peer pressure, lifestyle and of course, psychological conditions. That’s why Shalom Mental Health & Wellness has therapeutic options to treat each of these sources of “dis-ease”.
Traditional Clinical Treatment

Many of our patients come to Shalom Mental Health & Wellness with the goal of restoring themselves to optimal wellness. Whether they are feeling ill, imbalanced or unsure of their diagnosis, our goal is to treat each patient from a holistic approach to offer and effective solution and cure for their ailment. For most patients, we offer medicinal remedies, such as medication, as well as lifestyle adjustments to help ease symptoms. When necessary, we prescribed alternative treatments that will help restore them to complete wellness.

Our philosophy is that for those who cannot or will not completely abstain, we don’t ignore their struggle and don’t condemn their need for medical intervention. This is an excellent option when complete abstinence has not worked in the past.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Harm reduction can provide a segue for those suffering from a severe dependency on drugs and alcohol, especially to more lethal drugs or a potentially lethal level of use, mainly associated with narcotics abuse. For these individuals, abstinence may not be feasible at the onset of their treatment, and so the goal is to give them sustainable options to diminish the propensity to relapse on their drug of choice. This non-judgmental approach is both effective from a physical and a psychological standpoint, as many find it impossible to adhere to a completely abstinence-based program of recovery. Instead, carefully prescribed medications help offer a soft transition from active use to eventual abstinence.

Our philosophy is that for those who cannot or will not completely abstain, we don’t ignore their struggle and don’t condemn their need for medical intervention. This is an excellent option when complete abstinence has not worked in the past.

Cognitive Behavioral Counseling

Therapy has long been lauded as a meaningful approach to break through the psychology of the suffering individual. Therapy becomes a doorway to the underlying causes of psychological, physical and social issues such as addiction, anxiety, various disorders, and trauma – just to name a few. Working one-on-one with a therapist, as well as participating in recommended group therapy, can provide remarkable improvement in one’s sense of self, understanding of their condition, motivation to pursue treatment and eventual recovery.

Motivational, Life & Job Coaching

Many who have experienced physical and psychological disorders have lost the will, desire or self-confidence to pursue their dreams, or even to pursue meaningful next-steps in achieving career and financial independence. Consequences bred from the effects of one’s disease itself may have also spawned barriers to reach once desired goals. That’s why we sit with each patient who needs it to discuss their goals and pinpoint a path toward reaching those eventualities.

  • Life Skills (cooking, cleaning, personal care, financial management)
  • Introduction to the Trades (vocational schools or apprenticeship)
  • Higher Education (college or trade schools)
  • Legal Organization (help identifying requirements, dates and responsibilities)
  • 12-Step Fellowships (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.)
  • Faith-Based Recovery (Celebrate Recovery)
  • Alternative Recovery Networks (SMART Recovery)
Christian Counseling

For patients struggling with personal and spiritual health, we offer a specialized form of counseling that focuses on the teachings of Christian literature. This is especially valuable for the individual who is struggling with their self-esteem and sense of self, or who has abandoned the belief in a higher purpose. By working through the teachings of the bible, many patients are capable of finding purpose in their own life and are able to set a solid path forward to pursue holistic healing beyond the confines of their disease or disorder.

Cultural Sensitivity

Our practice is situated between Fort Lauderdale and Miami in South Florida – a diverse and multi-cultural landscape that introduces us to people of all different backgrounds, nationalities, religions and personal beliefs. We pride ourselves on being able to offer personalized care that transcends cultural differences and offers inclusivity no matter what the case may be. We encounter people from all storylines with diverse diseases and disorders. The care we provide is always non-judgmental and is approached from a human standpoint – believing we are each capable and worthy of being healed.

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy is a form of cognitive therapy that attempts to shift negative belief systems to positive ones, hoping to redirect bad behaviors toward good, healthy ones. This is especially useful for those dealing with physical disorders such as self-harm and suicidal ideation. Successful treatment can change the entire outlook for the patient and help them heal for a lifetime.


It can be hard if not impossible for some people to reach out for help. Whether they are struggling with substance abuse or a mental health disorder, often times loved ones are forced to step in to help them get the care they need. We offer intervention services for families and loved ones looking to get their family member or friend the treatment they need. We are able to offer understanding and solutions that are often better received than when coming from loved ones due to our personal approach and our experience in the field.

Reality Therapy

Reality therapy is very much focused on what most would consider “mindfulness”. The counselor embarks on a dialogue with the patient about the importance of their current and future choices, and helps them understand the healing nature of making the right choices rather than fixating on the past. This is also helpful for redirecting stress, anger and aggression by providing solutions to deal with those emotions in real time that does not hurt themselves or their relationships with others.

Structural Family Therapy

We use structure family therapy to help identify issues and treat families who are struggling with one or many problems within the overall family dynamic. This therapy aims to identify patterns, routines and behaviors that negatively impact the family unit. The goal is to help the family members create a working routine for a more loving, sustainable home life. This form of therapy is very useful for families who have dealt with things like trauma, divorce, blended families and single parenting.

Trauma Focused

Disorders resulting from trauma can be some of the most difficult issues to treat, but trauma therapy, which comes in several formats, aims to help identify, deal with and move past trauma which is creating or contributing to a person’s disorder. Some forms of trauma include death, PTSD and emotional loss. Trauma is one of the most common precursors to disorders as they are often sudden, unforeseen and can happen to anyone. In some cases, patients may not know they are dealing with trauma as their memory may have suppressed the event. Being able to work with someone to unearth their trauma and move past it is some of the most beneficial work we can do from a psychological standpoint.