Shalom Mental Health & Wellness is dedicated to providing the best clinical care for those suffering from physical and emotional conditions, with a particular focus on mental health, psychiatric conditions and co-occurring disorders. Our practice is located in Davie, Florida – and is open to see patients at our office or virtually through our Telehealth system.


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what we treat

Shalom Mental Health & Wellness offers compassionate, holistic healthcare that focuses on the comfort of the individual and the often comprehensive nature of their disease or disorder. We offer a no-judgement approach to wellness and recovery that takes into account the many facets of each patient’s unique history, inclusive of their physical, environmental and socio-economic makeup. In this way, our team is able to address their symptoms head-on from a multi-faceted approach that more accurately, and holistically, helps them reach long-term remission from their disorder. Below is a comprehensive list of the illness and disorders we treat.



Many of our patients come to Shalom Mental Health & Wellness with the goal of restoring themselves to optimal wellness. Whether they are feeling ill, imbalanced or unsure of their diagnosis, our goal is to treat each patient from a holistic approach to offer and effective solution and cure for their ailment. For most patients, we offer medicinal remedies, such as medication, as well as lifestyle adjustments to help ease symptoms. When necessary, we prescribed alternative treatments that will help restore them to complete wellness.


When one suffers from an imbalance of the mind that alters the way it is expected to normally function, we consider that a cognitive disorder. These types of disorders can be present in childhood or manifest in adulthood. Some common cognitive disorders we treat include ADD/ADHD, Autism, OCD, Anger Management and Mood Disorders. Treating these with appropriate medications and therapy can help restore normal cerebral functioning.




Shalom Mental Health & Wellness specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from addiction, including alcohol abuse, narcotics misuse, prescription medications, illicit drug use and a range of other issues related to physical and mental deterioration due to addiction and imbalanced mental health. Some of the most common drugs we encounter and treat include alcohol, opiates/opioids, narcotic pain relievers, barbiturates, sedatives, stimulants or uppers, in addition to compulsive addictions such as gambling, sex, food and shopping.


The physical manifestation of an issue that turns into an illness is one of the most treatable conditions we see in our practice. There is almost always a psychological underpinning to their existence that is greatly improved with targeted therapy and in some cases medication. Some of the most common physical disorders we treat include eating disorders, obesity, chronic pain, insomnia and self-harm.




It is well known that an emotionally disruptive environment can bring about psychological issues which often has an even greater effect on children and teens. Yet, we are susceptible to environmental issues at any age due to things like personal trauma, PTSD, violence, personal choices, lifestyle and more. Children and teens are especially susceptible to emotional trauma due to things like bullying, divorce, abuse, school issues, self-esteem and more. Using diversified therapies, we’re able to help children, teens and adults manage their environmentally-born disorders.


Psychological disorders can be some of the most devastating diagnoses to undertake as they are almost always inborn and impossible to control without clinical intervention. However, our team is well equipped to treat all forms of psychological disorders from a clinical, environmental and spiritual approach. Disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, and psychosis are well treated utilizing a balanced dose of just the right medication along with therapy, environmental changes, spiritual connection and vocational counseling



Women's Issues

Treating the unique needs of women is a specialization close to our heart. At Shalom Mental Health & Wellness, we understand not only the physical component to a woman’s unique build, but also the psychological one, too. We treat women from all age ranges, beginning in early teen years when the woman’s reproductive cycle begins, all the way through menopause and post-menopause.

Men's Issues

Men and women have a unique physiology that, in many ways, shapes their physical experience. While people may hear of more clinical issues dealing with women, specifically their unique reproductive cycle, men also experience unique changes as they age – both into adolescence and again as they age into older adulthood. We treat men starting from early teenage years through maturity to help them live healthier, happier lives, and place a focus on the unique changes that “male menopause” brings about, commonly referred to as andropause.




Aging has a natural way of taking a toll on the body and mind. At Shalom Mental Health & Wellness, we are uniquely equipped to treat the needs of the aging individual from both a clinical and psychological approach, as those are most affected by the natural aging process. Some of the conditions we most often treat include menopause and andropause, Alzheimer’s, testosterone therapy, tissue regeneration, and cognitive therapy.


Meet Dr. Carole Wilkinson

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, DNP, APRN, MHNP-BC, MSN, MBA

Dr. Wilkinson (Dr. Carole to most!) is an enthusiastic, creative, and detail-oriented DNP/Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) who is board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Dr. Wilkinson is a level professional with excellent communication, organizational, and research skills. She is able and willing to tackle all challenges with optimism and passion in today’s world – which requires a depth of knowledge both clinically and psychologically.

In the clinical setting, Dr. Wilkinson is well versed in the areas of Psychiatric Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders. In addition, she addresses the primary healthcare needs of children and adults (beginning from age 10 years and older). Dr. Wilkinson also treats college-aged patients via her association with local South Florida Universities and institutions. She enjoys providing primary healthcare and mental health stability for the next generation through her work with patients in the collegiate space – a uniquely emotional and psychologically taxing environment.

Dr. Wilkinson also offers treatment for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Cognitive Disorders at her Davie, Florida office.

In today’s unique climate, in addition to the need for quick, efficient care, Dr. Wilkinson has broadened her universal, patient-focused approach by implementing telemedicine into her practice. Dr. Wilkinson is now offering extended evening and weekend hours via virtual telemedicine sessions and some extended in-office hours for clients with emergencies, or those who are unable to make their scheduled appointment due to unforeseen events.

Dedicated to providing the best clinical care for those suffering from physical and mental diseases, focused on advocating for the distinct needs of the patient with care, compassion and consideration for their unique needs and obstacles.